Creative Project Rough Draft

Thus far for my creative project, I have decided to conduct informal interviews on my Uber and Lyft rides. I have created a guideline for some questions I may ask, but for the most part, I want the conversations to flow authentically. The following are some guiding questions I am using to conduct my interviews. … Continue reading Creative Project Rough Draft

Extra Credit #2

For my Extra Credit #2, I attended a lecture titled "The Domestic Interface & Queer Time in Gone Home" by Audrey Anable. The purpose of her lecture was to "tie up loose ends from her book" mainly in the discussion of the interface of Gone Home. She stated that her book Playing With Feelings left … Continue reading Extra Credit #2

Annotated Bibliography

“APPENDIX TWO: RIDEHAILING BEYOND UBER Meet Lyft, the Younger Twin.” Uberland: How Algorithms Are Rewriting the Rules of Work, by ALEX ROSENBLAT, 1st ed., University of California Press, Oakland, California, 2018, pp. 217–220. JSTOR, Alex Rosenblat’s “APPENDIX TWO: RIDEHAILING BEYOND UBER Meet Lyft, the Younger Twin” addresses the competition within the rideshare industry, emphasized … Continue reading Annotated Bibliography

Extra Credit #1

During the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival on campus, I saw the film Bethlehem. Not only does the film demonstrate both sides of the conflict in the West Bank, but it also gives an insight into the life of a teenager growing up in an affluent family during the time of conflict. The unconventional relationship between … Continue reading Extra Credit #1