Extra Credit #3

For my final extra credit assignment, I attended the film Kiss Me, Stupid by Billy Wilder: the final Billy Wilder film showed during the Emory Cinematheque screening series this year. I personally found the film to be particularly sexist when looked at from a progressive, 21st century point of view. I found that the film, … Continue reading Extra Credit #3

Final Website Reflection

Over the course of the semester, I made several changes to my website; most importantly, I made my website an interface for all my classes at Emory, not just ENG 101 as it was previously. I wanted to make this website my own, in order to demonstrate my work and progression as a writer and … Continue reading Final Website Reflection

Final Creative Project and Artist Statement

Final Project: https://www.instagram.com/humansofuber_/ Artist's Statement/Explanation: For my creative project, I decided to create an Instagram page based of off the Humans of New York Instagram page. Over the course of a few weeks, I took twelve Uber trips and recorded my conversations with drivers, with their permission of course. I then screen shotted an image … Continue reading Final Creative Project and Artist Statement