For my final extra credit assignment, I attended the film Kiss Me, Stupid by Billy Wilder: the final Billy Wilder film showed during the Emory Cinematheque screening series this year. I personally found the film to be particularly sexist when looked at from a progressive, 21st century point of view. I found that the film, specifically that of the portrayal of the women of the film, was particularly problematic, emphasized by the use of outrageous sex jokes and indirect sexual references. The women in the film, on the whole, are consistently objectified and seen as interchangeable. This interchangeability is emphasized by the male treatment of the women; at the time of the film’s inception it might have been referred to as rude or insensitive at times; today, however, today some of the comments, particularly those pertaining to the women’s bodies, are on the brink of sexual harassment. Of course, again due to the year the film was made, the women are also looked at merely sex objects or purely as housewives. One of the main characters, Polly the Pistol, a prostitute, acts as Orville’s wife at one point in the film. While Polly is portrayed as this prostitute, she is simultaneously engrossed in the fantasy of a domestic life. One of Polly’s most significant quotes from the film was “A woman without a man is like a trailer without a car, you’re going nowhere.” She quite clearly has internalized the misogyny of the 1960’s: she believes, along with the men, that she is someone that can, and should, be domesticated. 

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