Over the course of the semester, I made several changes to my website; most importantly, I made my website an interface for all my classes at Emory, not just ENG 101 as it was previously. I wanted to make this website my own, in order to demonstrate my work and progression as a writer and thinker, more than just an ENG 101 student. For this reason, my website is more “myself” than it was when I first created it, and how I imagined it originally. As I was familiar with WordPress from my previous class, I was able to accomplish my goals and increase my “WordPress fluency” with ease. I will probably continue to expand on this website in the future with information and other assignments from other classes. I think that I will continue to use my website, particularly after college, in order to advertise my skills as a job candidate and orient it away from just academics. This process, and my memory of the process of using WordPress last year, has given me a greater appreciation for people who actually take the time to code websites. WordPress, while sometimes tedious, is somewhat self explanatory when you get the hang of it; I can’t imagine trying to code my website, with its various functions and tabs, without the use of WordPress. It has given me a greater appreciation for the coding that goes into every form of digital media with which I interact.

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