Thus far for my creative project, I have decided to conduct informal interviews on my Uber and Lyft rides. I have created a guideline for some questions I may ask, but for the most part, I want the conversations to flow authentically. The following are some guiding questions I am using to conduct my interviews.

  1. Do you like driving for Uber/Lyft?
  2. Do you prefer driving for one or the other?
  3. Have you gotten complaints from passengers? How did Uber/Lyft respond?
  4. What do you do outside of Uber?
  5. How often do you drive?
  6. What would you change about Uber/Lyft?
  7. An extension of a personal question, continued from a response to one of the above questions or information gained during general conversation.

The following is a snapshot of my instagram page, modeled after @humansofny on instagram:

After creating my first post, I have decided that I am going to try to ask some more personal questions, rather than specific questions about ride share applications. I want the conversation to flow more and be less like an interview. I want to attempt to show that Uber/Lyft can be more human and interactive than other forms of digital media. I, somewhat ironically, am going to communicate this through my @humansofuberandlyft Instagram page.

With respect to the instagram page, I am going to take a photo of the driver without showing his/her face for anonymity purposes. I thought about asking drivers to take their photos including their faces, when I realized this concept of anonymity is something that adds to the nature of ride share as a form of digital media. Lastly, In order to get an accurate quote for the description, I am transcribing audio recordings that I will take on my phone during the ride.

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