For my Extra Credit #2, I attended a lecture titled “The Domestic Interface & Queer Time in Gone Home” by Audrey Anable. The purpose of her lecture was to “tie up loose ends from her book” mainly in the discussion of the interface of Gone Home. She stated that her book Playing With Feelings left many questions unanswered, particularly with regard to the theme of queerness in video games. She mainly attempted to answer the question of “where does queerness reside in video games?” This question was addressed through an analysis of the interactive video game Gone Home. The game is an interactive walkthrough in which you navigate through a house investigating your surroundings. Ultimately, within the game, you end up alone, reflecting on your own loneliness. The game has an eerie tone, but it is far from that of a horror game full of jump scares. The game focuses mostly on your spatial experience within the environment. In order to encounter the main story and “win the game”, and ultimately reveal the theme of queerness within the film, we must complete Sam’s lesbian romance. While the game was well liked amongst most, some criticisms of the game and its theme of queerness included that it was boring, had a lack of action, and required no skill. Anable disagrees with this assessment, stating that the domestic interface of the game is what makes it so special and entertaining. The game, or narrative story, can be played multiple times in different iterations and ultimately commence with the same result. Lastly, Anable suggests that the interface, more philosophically, addresses the concept of moving beyond binaries in its ability to result in multiple different stories or timelines.

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