For my creative project, I am thinking of interviewing Uber and Lyft drivers throughout the month and compiling them into a “Human’s of Uber/Lyft” Instagram. I feel as though the deeply impersonal nature of Uber leaves us, as the passenger, to forget that each driver is a person with their own life and story. Hopefully through the combination of Uber as a form of digital media and the interface of instagram I can explore the life of Uber beyond the screen. Due to the lengthier nature of this project, I will have ample time to take Ubers and Lyfts to possibly compare their drivers and my interactions with them. I haven’t decided what I am going to ask the drivers, whether it be personal or about their opinions regarding Rideshare as a whole. I also think that I am going to ask them to take photos for the instagram page, similar to the humans of new york Instagram (See

I hope to explore how the two forms of digital media connect on a deeper level, particularly because Uber is not a traditional form of digital media. I may have to tweak my idea depending on whether or not rideshare drivers will speak to me, but either way I am eager to start my interviews! (or lack thereof!)

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